Other Used Banjos

Index: 10430
Maker: Bacon
Year: Early 1920's.

Short-Scale Tenor Banjo with  21" Scale.

11 1/2" Rim with Silver Bell Tone-Ring

and snap-in back.

Cremona Brown Sunburst.

Original Grover spring-loaded tuners.

Strung with Celtic-tuning strings. 

Pretty much original and AS-Found condition with a couple of minor binding repairs.

Some fretwear.

Original Hard Case is serviceable and restorable condition.

Offered AS-IS

[An excellent choice for a reproduction 5-string neck].


Serial: #8306
Condition: VG-Excellent
Case: orig hsc
Price: $Reduced to $950.00
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Index: 10627
Maker: Bacon & Day
Year: 1928

B&D Roy Smeck Stage Model Silver Bell #1 Tenor Banjo.

Neck and resonator back are made of exotic Vermillion Wood.

The rim is veneered with the same.

A great tenor banjo with very minor playing wear, but which does have a couple

of issues:

There is an old and solid, and quite visable repaired heel.

The original tuning pegs have been replaced with a set of modern planetary pegs

made in Germany. 

The back of the resonator was at some point refinished and then set down on something before the finish was perfectly dry.

A good straight banjo without the high price that accompanies cosmetic perfection.

Like New Harptone Hard Case.

Serial: #24879
Condition: VG-EXC
Case: hsc
Price: $1250.00
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Index: 10630
Maker: Deering
Year: 2002

Nice used plectrum banjo with some fret-wear.

Flathead tone-ring.

Planetary geared pegs.


Nice original hard case.

Serial: #A-421
Condition: Excellent Used
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1395.00
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Index: 10611
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1937

About the nicest, untouched Gibson TB-00 we've ever had.

Pristine condition, Prize-winning Original Red Line Case.

Serial: None
Condition: Ex-fine
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1975.00
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Index: 10654
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1927

Lightly used and absolutely original down to the last slot-head screw.

No-Hole Archtop Tone-ring.

They don't come any nicer than this.

Original Hard Shell Case

Serial: #8700-18
Condition: Excellent & Original
Case: orig hsc
Price: $3895.00
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Index: 9489
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1924
Serial: #11170A-16
Condition: Ex-Fine
Case: hsc
Price: $895.
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Index: 10605
Maker: Iucci
Year: 1925

A Fine Iucci Special Tenor Banjo.

Probably made in NYC in the 1920's.

Figured Maple neck with 21 1/2" Scale and 19 frets.

Figured Maple Pie-Section Resonator.

Nickel-Plated  10 5/8" Brass Rim.

Grover friction pegs with Ivoroid Buttons.

All original, with a little pearl inlay work on the fingerboard.

Straight Neck, Low Action.

Serial: 44
Condition: Excellent
Case: orig hsc
Price: $895.00
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Index: 10644
Maker: Van Eps
Year: 1918

An early Van Eps tenor,

12" rim, 15 frets, 20 1/2" Scale Length.

Maple Neck with Ebony fingerboard.

Probably late 'teens.

Calf-Skin Head.

Straight neck, with some fretwear.

All-Original, including the brass arch-top tone-ring,

tailpiece, armrest and all the hardware and Grover pegs.

Pretty much "AS-FOUND". 

Would definitely benefit from geared pegs;

pressure from the friction pegs is stressing the peg-head facing.

Presumably Original Hard case in salvageable condition.

Serial: None
Condition: Excellent & Original
Case: orig hsc
Price: $795.00
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Index: 10573
Maker: Vega
Year: 1921

An Original Whyte Laydie Short-Scale Tenor Banjo,

20" Scale on the 10 3/4" Whyte Laydie Rim with 17 Frets.

There's been some binding repair and an

unfortunate small chip out of the top of the back of the headstock.

Serial: #43006
Condition: VG-EXC
Case: ssc
Price: $1050.00
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Index: 10608
Maker: Vega
Year: 1928

An All-Original Style R Whyte Laydie Banjo;

10 15/16" Rim, with 20" Scale Length.

17 frets. Grover Planetary Pegs have been added.

The neck is straight, action is low with a minor amount of playing wear.

A clean and beautiful example.



Serial: #79680
Condition: Excellent
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1150.00
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Index: 10625
Maker: Vega
Year: 1919

A very Special Tubaphone tenor banjo.

Hard-to-find 11 1/2" diameter rim.

Fully-carved heel.

Some playing wear.

Grover friction pegs.


Original Hard Case.


Serial: #35930
Condition: Excellent
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1595.00
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