Used 5-String Resonator Banjos

Index: 10722
Maker: Coulson by Intermountain Guitar and Banjo
Year: 1985

This Mastertone-Style Banjo was built by Intermountain Guitar and Banjo

in Salt Lake City in 1985.

3-Ply Maple Rim with Flat-Head Tone-Ring, 1-Piece Flange and Notched Tension-Hoop by Stewart-MacDonald.

Mahogany Neck and Resonator with Ebony Fingerboard and Fancy Pearl Inlays.

The neck on the banjo suffered a peg-head crack sometime in the past, was repaired and oversprayed.

The repair is solid, but visible. Various scratches and marks in the finish, but a great-playing and wonderful-sounding

Bluegrass Banjo.

This banjo came back to us 4 decades after it was originally built and sold, and we are offering it at 

this very attractive price.

26 1/4" Scale, Schaller Planetary Geared Pegs, Shubb 5th String Capo.

Includes a Hard Case.

Serial: #635
Condition: VG-EXC.
Case: hsc
Price: $1195.00
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Index: 10721
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1995

An uncommon Earl Scruggs model from Gibson.

#85 of around 300 made.

Excellent Used Condition with some finish-checking

and finger-nail marks in the fingerboard in the first position.

Keith D-Tuners, Shubb long-bar sliding capo.

Custom engraved Presto Tailpiece and Armrest.

Original Gibson Hard Case.

Serial: #4985
Condition: VG-Exc.
Case: orig hsc
Price: $3995.00
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Index: 10668
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1998

Earl Scruggs Standard, Un-played

and mint except for near invisible 1" scratch

on resonator back.

Serial: #3603
Condition: Unplayed and Near Mint
Case: orig hsc
Price: $3950.00
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Index: 10601
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1975

Gibson RB-100 made in 1975.

Clean and straight, all-original.

Minor playing-wear; minor finish-checking on Resonator Back.

Non-original serviceable hard case.

Serial: #525263
Condition: Excellent
Case: hsc
Price: $1395.00
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Index: 10660
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1926

An All-Original Gibson RB-3 Mastertone From 1926.

Early Version with Ball-Bearing Arch-Top Tone-Ring.

This is Not one of the notable original 5-String Mastertones of the '30's as beloved by Earl Scruggs and Jim Mills;

This IS the notable and beloved original 5-String Mastertone as played by Charlie Poole and Dock Boggs,

both of whom helped set the stage for everyone else.

This example does have some finish issues...finish checking on the resonator and some finish loss on the neck.

Otherwise, original and straight with minor playing wear.

Presently wearing a Calf Skin Head for authenticity, but we will happily install the head of your choice.

Very Nice Modern Hard Case.

Serial: #8447-10
Condition: VG-EXC
Case: hsc
Price: $11,950.00
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Index: 10606
Maker: Gibson

A modern Gibson RB-6 banjo, excellent condition, with recent neck refinish by Frank Neat.

Vintage Gibson Banjo Case.

Serial: #9618-38
Condition: Excellent & Original
Case: hsc
Price: $6850.00
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Index: 10614
Maker: Gold Star
Year: 1983

Classic Gold Star Banjo from Saga with 40-Hole Archtop Tone-Ring;

Wreathe Pattern. Planetary Geared Pegs. All-Original.

A few dings and scratches, very minor playing wear.

Serial: #830177
Condition: Excellent & Original
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1095.00
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Index: 10718
Maker: Gold Star
Year: 2006

Gold Star GF-100 W [Wreathe Pearl Pattern]

Flat-head Mastertone Style.

Minimal playing wear.



Serial: #060584
Condition: Excellent
Case: hsc
Price: $1350.00
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Index: 10719
Maker: Stromberg-Voisinet
Year: ca. 1930

A standard Stromberg-Voisinet banjo with cast one-piece flange.

Converted to 5-String by Intermountain Guitar and Banjo [I G & B] around 1984

with a mahogany neck and Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

26 1/4" Scale on a 10 14/16" rim with a calf-skin head.

Top-Grade Schaller Planetary Geared Pegs and Geared 5th Peg.

Nice tone, great playability...almost un-played.

Serial: None
Condition: Excellent
Case: ssc
Price: $595.00
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