Used 5-String Resonator Banjos

Index: 10546
Maker: Gibson
Year: 1930's

A Gibson Banjo with a little bit of mystery surrounding it.

The pot is from  a 1930's TB-00 and is all-original and in excellent condition.

The Recording King 5-String neck is  probably From a US-Made Model RK-M7,

a short-lived modern Recording KIng line.

This Neck appears to have been refinished and has some dings and marks consistent with

long usage. Modern geared pegs and tailpiece.

Serial: none
Condition: VG-EXC.
Case: hsc
Price: $2195.00
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Index: 10508
Maker: Kay
Year: 1965

Classic Bakelite Student Banjo.

Plays fine.


Serial: none
Condition: Excellent
Case: gig bag
Price: $199.00
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