Used 5-String Open-Back Banjos

Index: 10047
Maker: Vega
Year: 1919

An excellent and original Tubaphone #3 Special.

Features the late 'teens "Gryphon" peghead pearl, usually associated with early Whyte Laydie models.

Original Rogers skin head; pre-war Planet geared pegs, with a modern Schallor geared 5th peg.

Good neck, good action, best-sounding Tubaphone.

Vintage Harp-Tone Hard case.

Serial: #37156
Condition: Excellent and Original
Case: hsc
Price: $2600.
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Index: 9985
Maker: Vega
Year: 1910

Middle-Period Whyte Laydie #2.

Pretty Much All-Original; Some Owner-Ship wear, but Virtually no Playing Wear.

Straight neck, Great Tone and Playability.

Replacement Planetary Tuners.

10 15/16" Rim.

27" Scale.


Serial: #26859
Condition: VG-Exc.
Case: hsc
Price: $3495.00
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Index: 8079
Maker: Vega [Deering]
Year: 2014

12" Rim.

Serial: #U642
Condition: New
Case: hsc
Price: $1350.00
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Index: 9846
Maker: Vega {Deering]
Year: 2017

Oak neck and rim.

Engraved Pearl inlays.


Serial: #Y047
Condition: New
Case: orig hsc
Price: $1660.00
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Index: 9896
Maker: Washburn
Year: ca. 1915

Maple Washburn Style C 10 3/4" rim with 5-String Conversion neck by I.G. & B. with 24 3/4 scale.

Custom Lyon & Healy Superbo Pearl Inlays.



Serial: #113
Condition: Ex-Fine
Case: hsc
Price: $1795.
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